Our 4” square, 60 pt. (thickness of a penny) coasters are environmentally sustainable products using soy based inks and post-consumer recycled paper.

• Now you can place your advertising message at hundreds of high traffic Drinking and Dining venues throughout the Phoenix Metro Area. Because we place multiple ads on one coaster, the cost is shared with other businesses, making it more affordable.

• Each coaster can be used more than once before being discarded, giving multiple impressions. A distribution of 20,000 coasters can yield more than 20,000 impressions during their month long shelf life.

• Unlike some indoor advertising, a CoasterAd™ stays with the consumer longer and can be taken with them.

• CoasterAds™ are an extremely affordable, high volume, unique and engaging form of advertising. CoasterAds™ are ideal for small businesses wishing to target certain areas of the valley.

• The reason we call them "INTERACTIVE" is because of the traceable QR CODE technology.

You've seen these odd looking bar codes popping up on all sorts of advertising. They're QR codes or Quick Recognition codes that can be scanned by most smart phones which will automatically route the user to a web site or call a telephone number. CoasterAds exceptional print quality can hold the required QR code resolution. Your QR code usage can be tracked by date, time, and sometimes location using a free third party service. We recommend using Azon Mobile.
CoasterAds™ Have games on the front to keep the user engaged. The answer link on the back drives them to your advertisement.
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Be sure you get the Authentic CoasterAds™ Product from SayWhat! Promos.

Interactive Bar Coaster Advertising can provide Media
Buyers with several Game Changing Opportunities...

We currently have 158 Bars Listed in the CoasterAds Distribution Network using 76600 Coasters a month.